La Bonita Park Water Facilities

La Bonita Park Water Facilities was a design/build project in excess of $3 million dollars which included construction of a potable water distribution system, potable water pump station, water well, and water storage tank.  Orion teamed with Civil Source as our design partner for this design/build contract.  The project included installation of new well station, pump station with 5, 200 HP vertical turbine pumps, a 250,000 gallon underground pre-stressed concrete reservoir, approximately 1 mile of 24” steel, potable water main, and roughly 1000’ of 24” PVC water distribution piping.  Work also included underground precast vaults with pressure reducing valves and flow metering, chlorine injection system, and surge tank.  Pumps and electrical equipment were housed in a new 1300 SF pump station building constructed of masonry with standing seam metal roof.